Dimension4™ Ensemble2


The Dimension4 Ensemble2 system offers top-of-the-line acoustic control for the uncompromising recording engineer. Complete packages available for 100 - 450ft2 rooms for critical listening spaces.

Based on scientifically-designed building blocks of absorbers, diffusers, and bass traps, The Ensemble2 system is pre-engineered to provide optimum sound quality without any complex acoustical calculations on the user’s part.

Using a combination of exotic hardwoods and “green” absorber composites, the Ensemble2 system is at home in the most demanding recording spaces.

Ensemble2 is available in four ranges of room sizes to ensure there is one that’s right for you. Click here for size layouts.

The Ensemble2 system consists of absorbers, diffusers and bass absorber traps.

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Ensemble2 350 System


Ensemble2 systems are fire rated, easy to install, and available in custom colors. They are made of stable, high-performance materials that won’t degrade over time.