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Living Sound™ art panels will enhance the sound of your home theater, studio or living spaces like no other product can.

Designed to control the sound reflections and echoes, Living Sound™ panels tame “noisy” spaces in variety of residential, pro, and commercial applications.

Since the acoustic character of a room contributes to 50% of the sound quality you hear, you can enhance your sound by simply taking control of the acoustics.

Living Sound™ panels are truly amazing in that they don't look like the usual fabric-covered panels you see in recording studios and performance halls.


Using a proprietary printing process that ensures color fidelity, longevity, and acoustical quality, Living Sound™ panels offer the highest performance and aesthetic value.

The core of these panels is a scientifically-designed and rigorously-tested set of materials that provide absorption or diffusion, the two most important treatment elements for effective room acoustics.

While there are many imitations on the market, no other sound panels deliver in the same way; our unique manufacturing process ensures optimum results, functionally and aesthetically.

The Living Sound™ line includes more than 100 image options. We can also custom print personal photos or images for a truly unique application. Please contact us for image specs.

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