Dimension4™ Melody


The Dimension4™ Melody system is a high-value acoustic treatment solution for enhanced sound control for the budget-conscious home theater enthusiast.

Based on scientifically designed building blocks of absorbers panels, diffuser strips, and bass traps, Melody is pre-engineered to provide optimum sound quality without complex acoustical calculations on the user’s part.

With absorbers made of patented “green” mineral wool composites for higher- performance sound control, Melody offers outstanding value and room control performance. Diffuser strips and corner-mounted bass absorbers round out the system’s spatial width and spectral balance, while improving accuracy, focus, and tonal character.

Melody is available in four ranges of room sizes to ensure there is one that’s right for you. Click here for size layouts.

The Melody system consists of absorbers, diffusers and bass absorber traps.

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Melody 300 System


"Melody was the quickest and most cost effective sound enhancement in my theater." 
Joe Blanc, Homeowner

Melody systems are fire rated, easy to install, and available in gray and tan. They are made of stable, high-performance materials that won’t degrade over time.