SõN Acoustics

The Dimension4™ SõN™ system is the workhorse of acoustical tuning for recording studios. A set of cost-effective systems with high performance absorbers and an array of diffuser patterns will enhance your room’s sound to the most world class studio standards.

Based on scientifically-designed building blocks of absorbers, diffusers, and bass traps, SõN™ is pre-engineered to provide optimum sound quality without any complex acoustical calculations on the user’s part.

Using combinations of sophisticated absorber composites and advanced sound diffusing modules, SõN™ is the choice for those seeking the optimal accuracy, focus, tonal balance, and price value.

SõN™is available in four ranges of room sizes to ensure there is one that’s right for you. Click here for size layouts.

The Sonata system consists of absorbers, diffusers and bass absorber traps.

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SõN™ 250 System


SõN™ systems are fire rated, easy to install, and available in gray and tan. They are made of stable, high-performance materials that won’t degrade over time.