Ross Hering     

Director of Business Development

4 business and brands developed, and 25 years of experience


Ross Hering is a marketing and business development professional with twenty-five years of experience in the entertainment and professional audio industries.  His focus is the development, launch, and creation of brands for companies involved with new technologies.  Recognizable brands that Ross has helped develop include THX, DTS, and Circle Surround from SRS Labs.  In addition, Ross has developed worldwide distribution channels for a number of Pro Audio products, including the DTS encoder/decoder, the SRS Circle Surround encoder/decoder, and the Holophone H2-PRO Surround Sound microphone. 

Mr. Hering began his career in 1983 when he joined Lucasfilm, Ltd. as director of business development.  THX was a start-up at this time, and for the next ten years Ross was involved with the development of four business units, the invention of Home THX (which spawned the Home Theater industry), the THX Digital Mastering Program for DVD, and ultimately helping to make THX a well-known brand worldwide for quality and excellence.  It was at THX that Ross first met Anthony Grimani during the development and roll-out of the Home THX program, which spawned the home theater and related industries we know today.  Anthony and Ross worked together on related projects for five years before Ross left THX in 1994.

 He also served as VP of Marketing for DTS, Director of Marketing for SRS Labs, and as Director of Business Development for Toronto-based, Surround Sound microphone manufacturer Holophone.  Ross is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley, with an MA in Political Science.

 Ross joined MSR in November 2007 and reunites with Anthony Grimani to lead the Marketing, Sales and Branding efforts for the company and its product lines.  His extensive experience building worldwide distribution and sales channels in the ProAudio industry will help MSR leverage its current sales partners, grow the sales channel, capitalize on its market position to quickly capture market share with its new and current line product lines, and ultimately grow the company.